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We are a happily married lesbian couple who LOVE playing with sexy ladies. So how did we go from ”We’ll never, ever have a threesome” to ”How did we get involved in a girl pile orgy last night”? It definitely required some involved conversations! There are very few exclusively lesbian couples in the Lifestyle so we present our swinging journey from a different and unique perspective. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, you shouldn’t either. Come along for the ride, it’s bound to be sexy!

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Ep. 44 - Wrapping up 2019

Tuesday Jan 07, 2020

Tuesday Jan 07, 2020

We give a quick review of our Bliss cruise and fill you in on some sexy times we've had recently. Check out our site for links to the cruise and PCAP! Club Euphoria Parties:

Ep. 43 - Blissful Beginnings

Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

We interview Mike & Tina from Iceland to learn their origin story while on board the Bliss swinger cruise. Next time we'll talk about our blissful experience! Join us, Average Swingers, Double Date Nation, Casual Swingers and Swinging Down Under at Secrets January 3-4, 2020 (

Thursday Sep 19, 2019

We sit down to chat about Rachel's 40th surprise swirl birthday party!

Ep. 41 - Question-able Chat

Sunday Aug 25, 2019

Sunday Aug 25, 2019

We do our best to stumble through questions from some lovely listeners. Wide range of topics from jealousies to STD's.

Ep. 40 - To Out or Not to Out...

Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

Ever since Shakespeare has walked the earth, people have often wondered "Should I out myself at my favorite vanilla bar"?

Sunday Jun 16, 2019

April gay time leads to May playtime! We conquer the Big Apple, hang out with Finn & Emma from NNM we finally kiss Mrs. Adjacent?!?,,

Ep. 38 - CMJ All Day

Thursday Apr 18, 2019

Thursday Apr 18, 2019

What happened after our podcast with Spiritual Swingers?? Find out now! We host a sexy gal on a hall pass and welcome all the swinger cruisers back to Ft. Lauderdale at Trapeze with open legs ;)

Wednesday Apr 10, 2019

We hosted Adam & Eve from Spiritual Swingers and sexiness ensued! We answer listener questions and play with cocks...well fake ones at least.,

Saturday Mar 02, 2019

Deli counter night at Trapeze, road trip to GA to meet up with Cindy & Luke, NYE house party and we ponder the chance of forgiving and getting our f*ck on!

Friday Dec 21, 2018

We conclude our Nov '18 cruise chat which involves elevator parties, orgies and (of course) sexy ladies!

Thursday Dec 06, 2018

Our latest swinger cruise was nothing short of amazing! The Part I chat gets into details about an all-girls playroom and some hot times in our cabin! Plus, Rach almost became a widow :(

Sunday Nov 18, 2018

We sat down on board the swinger cruise and chatted with 4 different couples about their experiences. Next episode we talk about the insanely awesome time we had!

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